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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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big story on "action news" tonight is the latest in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. we are live here at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown where the jury is now in its fifth day of deliberations. is cosby guilty of any or all of three counts of aggravated indecent assault? and efforts to answer that question, the jury continues to ask questions about previous testimony. they have now asked 10 in all. cosby turned to twitter today and posted a thank you to his fans. ", i appreciate the fans and supporters outside the montgomery county courthouse wearing #we love bill cosby bee shirts, thank you. we have no doubt that this was a genuinely felt twitter posting by cosby but it was also a clever one. he in effect began a hashtag what was love bill cosby. and he has 3.9 million
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followers to help him get off to a good start. i want to show you some video of some of those followers that he was talking about and, too, they have made several appearances here outside the courthouse today. i want to go live to "action news" reporter vernon odom. vernon, you have covered a a lot of juries in your time. have you ever seen a jury that is more inquisitive in terms of the number of questions they have asked than this one? >> reporter: no, i've not, jim. this has come late in the proceedings in deliberations i might add and i've never seen one go this long without throwing in the towel. but the jury is deliberating at this hour. how late they'll go tonight it's up to them because the judge is following their lead. almost hour by hour today the jury was in and out of the courtroom with more and more questions for judge steven o'neill. example, redefine reasonable
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doubt for us. let us hear trial testimony of accuser andrea constand's description of the night in question here. the night bill cosby allegedly drugged and molested her at his home in cheltenham. let us rehear bill cosby testimony again about giving quaaludes to women in the 70's with whom he wanted to have sex. cosby's lawyer motioned for a mistrial saying the jury's trying to retry the whole case behind closed doors and deliberations have gone on too long with no signs of a verdict. judge steven o'neill denied that motion. they can deliberate as long as they want he said. advocates for both camps were vocal outside the courthouse. >> the evidence that the jury is actively deliberating is that they are still asking questions and asking for evidence to be read to them or brought to them for them to consider. >> want to thank mr. cosby's fans. they don't get to see that on the news, you know. it's a melting pot of people
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of all different backgrounds that come out here to support him and they believe in him. >> reporter: so, jim, the sequestered jury from around pittsburgh allegany county is back behind closed doors. the jury has said nothing today about deadlock. live at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown, i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news." back to you, jim. >> thank you, vernon. there are lawyers of course inside the courtroom. there are a lot more lawyers outside here on the street, some amateur, some professional and you talked to one of the pros. >> yeah, we talked to a long time former prosecutor who has been watching this trial. he says this jury has a very difficult time. even talking about the quaaludes. then you have andrea constand her inconsistencies and the fact she had repeated contact with cosby following the alleged assault. that difficult job is being
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played out in these deliberations. dennis mcandrews worked in the delaware county d.a.'s office for nearly two decades. >> if you were the one who prosecuted this case, would you be confident right now at this hour? >> i don't think either side should be confident at this hour. you know, after 40 hours and after asking for all the evidence they've asked for, the legal definitions again, anybody who is walking around confident is mistaken. >> reporter: bill cosby's team appeared confident yesterday when the jury told the judge it was deadlocked. more than 24 hours later, and more deliberation, the judge rebuffed repeated defense requests to declare a mistrial. >> if you're going to ask a judge to intrude upon the jury's province of deciding guilt or innocence and stop them when they haven't asked to be stopped you better have some very solid legal authority for it and frankly i doubt it exists. >> reporter: mcandrews says until jurors say they are hopelessly deadlocked deliberations will likely continue.
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>> the law in pennsylvania is that you should virtually always give the jury another shot at at least one other shot at deliberation. >> reporter: and this jury is deliberating three counts of aggravated indecent assault but legal experts say with this case, it's likely not guilty on all the charges or guilty on all the charges if a verdict is reached. >> all right. chad pradelli thank you so much. we have a big team of "action news" folks here at the courthouse. a big team of producers and photographers and of course reporters and we are poised to bring you the developments in the event that there is a verdict or for that matter a mistrial called tonight and we can get on the air within seconds in the event that there is that kind of a major development. we will be here on channel6, on and of course the 6abc news app should something like that happen. and of course we'll have the latest on "action news" at
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11:00. i'm jim gardner. >> thank you, jim. and we have other news for you this evening. a 66-year-old man was attacked and robbed in his own mayfair home. police are asking you to help catch the person responsible. it happened wednesday night in the 4100 block of decatur street. authorities say the victim told police someone followed him into his garage and pummeled him. four of the victims ribs were broken and he was punched several times. that thief got away with the man's wallet and cell phone. 55-year-old shane holder of plumstead township bucks county is going to prison for cyber stalking a teen. we told you this case. he was can visibilityd of are stalking a friend of his daughter starting when she was 13 years old. despite being told to stay away from her. he continued to pursue her through social media. he'll spend the next 18 months to seven years behind bars. a philadelphia police cruiser an car collided in port richmond this morning. this the scene at the
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intersection of aramingo and allegheny avenue. it's not clear what led to the crash. however neither the police officer nor the other driver was injured. philadelphia school district and the philadelphia teachers union have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract. full details of the deal have not been released but we do know that if the contract is ratified by teachers, that contract will last through august 31st of the year 2020. philadelphia teachers have been without a contract since 2013. still to come on "action news" tonight, family and friends are holding a vigil along an atlantic city beach as rescuers continue to certain for two teens who went in the water last night and never got out. and big rewards for hundreds of local students for months of hard work in the school year. we'll show you. adam is in for cecily tonight. >> the clouds have been here most of the day, some splashes of sunshine but the humidity is coming up and that's fueling some downpours and thunderstorms, a few heading towards delaware. we'll take a look at storm tracker6 live and talk about
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father's day weekend in that accuweather forecast. >> all right, ducis rodgers with sixers draft news flyers eagles and phillies with sports when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> "action news" at 6::continues now with the tragedy at the jersey shore. a young girl gets caught in a rip current. her friend bravely jumps in to save her. sadly, both those teens never made it out of the water. rescuers are now resuming the search for the missing swimmers off the coast of atlantic city after temporarily suspending it this morning because conditions were just too dangerous. jersey correspondent nora muchanic spoke to both victims' families about what happened.
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>> last night we were praying for a rescue. today we're just praying for recovery. >> reporter: it's a somber painful vigil for the families of two teens swept away in a returned off mlk boulevard beach in atlantic city thursday evening. missing and presumed dead are 16-year-old kaliyah hand of atlantic city and 15-year-old ramon quinn of pleasantville. >> she was getting sucked out. the group -- the rest of the group got in and the one gentleman went to help her and got pulled in as well. >> that's my little cousin. so i just want to, you know, just give the family peace just to find his body. >> reporter: ramon quinn's stepfather kept vigil at the water's edge for most of the day along with friends and relatives from both families. >> see somebody in trouble, he's going to try to help. that's just how he is. >> reporter: quinn was a freshman at pleasantville high school. family members say they have been friends for year. >> she was a typical 15-year-old good in school had plenty of friends.
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she loved the beach. >> he gave his life to save hers and he lost his life so you could call him a hero, too. >> reporter: the water search had to be called off this morning because of dense fog and rough seas. it cleared up this afternoon and the century assumed as family members lined up chairs on the beach to watch. >> you understand the difficulties of both the tide and the foggy weather but we're going to continue to search until we find these two children. >> reporter: the ocean off mlk boulevard is considered one of the worst in the city for rip currents. in 2012 a 10-year-old boy drowned in this very same spot. in atlantic city, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news". >> students at a philadelphia elementary school were rewarded for their hard work this school year. volunteers from pepsi handed out gifts and helped organize an end of year field day for more than 500 students at stern elementary. the event is part of a philadelphia beverage association effort to reward positive behavior. philadelphia's university city just got another 40 to 50 skilled workers that graduated
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from the west philadelphia skills initiative. the year long job training program gives people who live in or near university city skills to work for employers such as children's hospital and drexel. many of the trainees in fact already have gotten job offers. philadelphia city hall today several public schools got some much needed funding to help expand programs and buy new equipment, all courtesy of a city councilman, councilman at large allen dom presented a check. that money comes from his salary which he agreed to donate when he ran for officers. the schools that received the money today say they will spend it on expanding their curriculum in science and technology.
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ask me, terry goggans, how our balance of technology and people can help you. ask me, terry goggans, >> the independent sea port museum has a new exhibit its about world war i featuring the cruiser olympia the navy's oldest surviving ship. it carried the body of the unknown soldier all the way from france to america. time to get an update on sports.
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ducis here with the very latest on the draft. >> yeah, might be some wheeling and dealing going on behind the scenes right now monica. the nba draft is six days away and the sixers are reportedly ready to make a move. they hold the third overall pick. several reports say the sixers are in deep talks with boston about its number one overall selection. that would presumably be so they could snag washington point guard markel fultz. none of the players in will be taken early but the team does own 42nd round selections. seven footer isaac humphries was in. he played at kentucky with darren fox. fox is a point guard the sixers could be eyeing. he averaged better than 16 points per game as a freshman. humphries breaks down fox's game. >> he's so quick, so agile. he controls the floor so well. you know, he can -- he's a great leader. i love playing with him just because of how he distributes the ball and just create.
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>> joel embiid was court as well today. how about that shot from behind the backboard? do not play horse with him. the nhl draft is on deck. the two day event will start a week from today. gm ron hextall says he knows there's a lot of pressure on the scouting department to get this right. >> it's huge. i've told our guys like -- our guys have done a he will rely good job. if you look the last 23 or four years job but there's no time to get complacent. they have to be good every year just like we expect our players to be and everybody in the organization they got to be good every year. we got 11 picks so they got to be good. we expect to hit on mid late round picks. >> tonight the phillies will begin a weekend series with the diamondbacks. aaron nola will make the start. if he can perform half as well as nick pivetta did last night the phillies will be all right. he struck out nine batters.
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pivetta tossed seven shutout innings the first phillies starter to do so this season. eagles enjoying their late spring early summer break. they wrapped up mini camp yesterday. the birds won't be back on the field until late july. that's when training camp will begin. eagles running back garrett blunt left mini camp feeling optimistic about the upcoming season. >> i don't want to limit the possibilities, you know, of how good we can be but we got a lot of play makers, one of ones that were here from we got here and new additions like myself a shouldn't -- a shon and tori. >> sixers reportedly in talks with the celtics about moving up to number one. the latest at 11:00. >> thank you ducis. four years of homework and hard studying were celebrated by lincoln high school's class of 200070 today. "action news" was in mayfair for the graduation. the gym of course packed with family and friends who came with cameras, flowers and
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signs. the graduates smiled as they marched in. certainly relieved to be ending one chapter of their lives and beginning another. finally it says. a lot of happy faces as well among the graduates of south philadelphia high school the grads shoen in red and black as they waited patiently for their diplomas. surrounded by parents faculty and well wishers. congratulations to the graduating class of the philadelphia military academy. they were in full uniform for the ceremony in the summerdale section of the city. doesn't that look beautiful. congratulations to the class of 2017.
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>> lovely lady is 100 years old today. doesn't she look great? toby spraskin celebrated with family and friends in cherry hill. she says the key to living a long time is to stay busy. she says her birthday wish is that everybody be happy and feel good because that's what's most important. happy birthday dear. >> to are sure. >> it's been a tough week in the weather department. could we see the sun again. >> it will pop here and there especially on sunday but at that time the temperatures are going to skyrocket. >> oh boy. >> the second half of the weekend. as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan there is a little cluster of downpours just to the south and west of kent county in maryland that could swing into central parts of delaware in the next hour or so. really not much happening at this time but at any point there could be a pop-up shower or a downpour this evening and overnight. as we take a look at chopper6 it was flying high above and up probably noticed that increase in humidity today, moisture in the air and you can see the haze this near the
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king of prussia mall and also valley forge national historic park in that general zone in 422 and 202. lush green out there at this point so we're not burning up that grass just yet. as we look at the heat index how it's feeling when you step out because of that spike in humidity today heat indices back into the middle 80's, kind of that soupy atmosphere. winds still coming in off the atlantic 70, beach haven 73 cape may and the heat index not too bad allentown and reading only in the 70's. up there really a lack of sunshine while southern areas in the 80's that you see here gets pops of sun from time to time. satellite and radar we look to the south and west. there's a warm front that has to swing through here overnight tonight and that will again spark some scattered downpours and thunderstorms but that's really the line of oppressive humidity compared to the humidity we have right now. so as we look at future tracker at 10 o'clock tonight that cluster to the south and west could pull its way into
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the northwestern suburbs of philadelphia a few popups in the middle of the night, you could briefly hear some heavy rain, 1, 2, 3 o'clock in the morning. that lifts to the north at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning and as we get into the afternoon tomorrow, i can't stress enough that it is not a washout but there's a a lot of clouds. you will see some developing sunshine as well in the afternoon and that will also kind of perk up these scattered downpours or even the rumble of thunder. so, over the weekend it does turn oppressive as that front swings to the north, southerly wind takes over, pop-up storms both days and the heat index saturday in the low 90's but by father's day heat indices in the highly urbani zed areas could hit the 90's and relief at the shore. gary papa run in the city eakins oval sunday morning partly sunny warm humid hydrate if you're going to be at the race drink lots of water. it's going to feel like the low 80's during the race. heading to the shore, ocean's
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going to be very inviting at 68 degrees but watch for that moderate risk for rip currents. a lot of clouds, so not the best of beach or shore days on saturday of 74. same thing for the delaware beaches on sunday, 77, a little more in the way of sunshine and if you're heading up to the mountains, you'll want to escape some of that humidity, not so much the case. it's going to be humid there as well. some sun and a thunderstorm on saturday at 74 degrees and oppressively humid on sunday, 81 degrees feeling like the upper 80's there with a late day storm. as we look at the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast a little unsettled at times this weekend with a lot of clouds, some sunshine and again, those pop-ups 86 saturday, 90 feeling like the upper 90's on father's day and then monday is the day that it will be extremely unsettled with some really heavy downpours that could bring some torrential rain, maybe some street flooding and also some gusty thunderstorms at 86. behind that front the humidity
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lowers along with the temperatures. on tuesday another front swings through with a late day storm on wednesday, 85 degrees and looking pretty good thursday, friday of next week as it starts to turn a little more humid we'll gain a little more sun with temperatures a little bit above average in the middle and upper 80's. >> for mid june this seems like we cranked that heat up pretty quickly. >> you know why, because late april into may was extremely below normal temperature-wise. >> ahh. >> so we kind of flipped the switch on the calendar. >> contrast. >> one extreme to the next. >> thank you so much. good to have you with us. it has been a long week of course for everybody involved in the bill cosby sexual assault trial out in montgomery county. let's head back out to norristown and the county courthouse. jim of course we have watched at things changed mood-wise outside that courthouse and what have you noticed about the atmosphere just in the last couple of days? >> reporter: that's a good question, monica. my first day here was tuesday. it was a hundred degrees and so that made everybody just a bit cranky.
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but there was also a certain tension and a certain anxiety that something big could happen at any moment. with the passage of ours and days i think the sense of urgency has waned a little bit almost as if to say tell us there's a verdict and then we'll get excited. of course you know that when there is an announcement that a verdict has been reached, the pulse out here will definitely quicken among everybody, reports, spectators, everybody and so far that's our situation. we will that continue to be here through the night to bring you the latest developments here. if there's a verdict clearly we will be on the air within seconds. >> ♪ >> world news tonight is next with david muir. "action news" continues at 11:00 o. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner live at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. >> ♪
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. reports of a collision. a u.s. navy destroyer colliding with a vessel off japan. the first pictures coming in. and the condition of u.s. sailors. there is also word the u.s. destroyer is now taking on water. also tonight, the verdict, the outrage at this hour. the police officer who fatally shot philando castile during a traffic stop, the aftermath on facebook live, is acquitted on manslaughter charges. was there a list? a source now telling abc news the gunman had a list of names when he showed up to that baseball field. as new surveillance now emerges of the moments the gunfire erupted. president trump tonight, his own tweet about firing james comey. has the presiden


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